Riverside Cremation Services Explained

Anyone who has recently lost a loved one already has a lot going on in their lives. Not only do they have to cope with the upsetting situation, but they also need to give their much-loved family member a fitting send-off. One step is to find a burial or cremation service to treat the body with dignity. This guide will look at the different services offered by riverside crematorium services.


A crematorium doesn’t only deal with the physical burning of the body, but it will also hold a church. The chapel which will be located on-site will be suitable for any type of faith or religion. It is also possible to have a priest from your religion visit the chapel to perform a service. The chapel is also suitable for use by anyone who is not religious and just wants some form of memorial service. The requirements and needs can be discussed when booking the crematorium.

The chapel is normally large enough for even a very big family. Most are less formal than a church but can still feel religious if needed.


The service can either be religious or just to remember the persons’ life who passed away. Many different features can be added to the service. This can include photographs displayed on a projector, music, and speeches from family members. The service can be as personal as the family want. The crematorium can also help to organize printing an order of service containing the words to any hymns sung during the service.

The crematorium will normally be able to help create a slideshow of photos to remember important events throughout the person’s life. Almost any music can be played throughout the service. If you have family overseas, or who are unable to visit then most crematoriums will be able to live stream the service to anywhere in the world.


The main service offered by a crematorium is the cremation of the body. This will be handled in a very sensitive and delicate manner.’ Curtains will normally be drawn around the casket while music is played and the body is cremated. The ashes can be collected and put into an urn. Most people will scatter the ashes, although some people prefer to keep the urn to remember their lost one.

Choosing the right crematorium is vital to make the funeral as stress-free as possible. A riverside crematorium will also provide beautiful scenery to make the day a bit more memorable.

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