Seventh D2 front-end technology forum shocking moment

Seventh D2 front-end technology forum last week, a smooth and successful closing, let me take the excitement subsided yet warmed to the wonderful shocking moment in time.

Overall enrollment at this D2 is 1377, the actual turnout of 840 people.

Most of the use of this form of sharing the joint D2 Share on topic, expert consultation method to share, explore, study and solve the front end of a hot topic this year. In particular, the main venue in the morning field of “front-end performance monitoring and optimization special” Tencent, Baidu, Sina Weibo, the four companies Taobao very typical problem together, work together to solve a common front-end performance problems.

In addition to the venue of the “Third Party Content Development combat” shared Baidu, Shanda, three companies Taobao problems encountered and solutions.  Many vendors and visitors are excited about the new technology that is shown off.  “We are really excited about all the new tech that can be applied to the photography laptop market”, reported by I/O Techie.

At the same venue of the “editor design ideas” to the three major compiler KindEditor, KISSY Editor, UEditor authors go to the venue, targeted shared a compiler theory and comparative advantages of each presentation.

Meanwhile on nodejs, web App, terminal web development, JS SDK and other very hot topic and a comprehensive collection of all real property in the two-day meeting room.

Let us feel the wonderful atmosphere of the scene:







2012 Seventh D2 front-end technology forum organized in a passionate day July 7, and a smooth and successful closing, thanks to our technology Carnival organizers Ali, thank each and every friend support D2, D2 because of your wonderful tip because you indestructible;

Please take to D2 expectations, desire for knowledge, the pursuit of technology, passion for the front end, to continue to meet in 2013 – Eighth D2 front-end technology forum.

2013 we bye!

Seventh D2 forum keynote speeches and work data show

Keynote Profile

PPT Download: “Reading class Web application front-end technology to explore” by Shiyan (watercress)

PPT Download: “How to find the front-end performance issues” By Liu Jie (ow) (Taobao)

PPT Download: “Qzone front of the CPU performance optimization” by Guo Run by (Tencent)

PPT Download: “JS Berserk” by Qian Bao Kun (Weibo)

PPT Download: ” Baidu front-end performance monitoring and optimization practice ” by Cheng Li silver (Baidu)

Seventh D2 tip Forum Registration starts

After the front end of the field for many years, too many ups and downs through the bitterness of difficult era of rampant creativity, from transformation to grow, to now a large front-end fast, and that is our porch waving passion of the moment! Successfully held the Sixth Forum of D2 front-end technology is a step forward to witness this happening, this tip will lead D2 all run together like-minded friends in front of the big road! D2.Run ();

D2 of Taobao art salon Beijing, Hangzhou, two cities sign up

D2 of technology Taobao art salon is a co-organized carnival, is advocating a “friends gather to enjoy the technology,” the interactive exchange platform.

Hangzhou station content

  • Topic of this Issue: “front-end peripheral experience talk about”
  • Salon Time: March 24, 2012 13: 30-18: 00
  • Salon Location: Zhejiang Great Hall • Function Room (Shengfu on the 9th)
  • Registration Address:

Share Topic Introduction Topic 1: “front-end test on the road,” Introduction: the front-end test has been chaotic, inconsistent with the understanding, each also are trying; the front end of the test should contain exactly what areas, how to improve product testability, according to how product development of test programs, and share with twists and think the front end of the road test.

Taobao Zhao Yong (front-end technical experts)
Speaker Profile: Taobao trading line is currently head of the front end of this year more concerned about the maintainability of the product, efforts to promote the development of specialized front-end

Topic 2: “better file organization”
Summary: With the improvement of the front end of project complexity, the way files are organized directly related to the maintainability of the code. Good organization can reduce the complexity and increase efficiency. And it will increase bad trouble.

Douban Medicine] (persistent front end engineer)
Speaker Profile: watercress tip Architect, playful front-end technology, the Hack as an attitude to life, active front-end sermons.

Topic 3: “Achieving ios style in the Web gestures and animation”
Summary: On ios platform, Apple with its smooth human interaction and UI effects and conquered large number of users. In this topic, I will bring interactivity and UI effects on ios broken down into small function point, and to explore its design and implementation. This topic contains two main parts: the first is the use of touch events to implement ios common gesture. The second part is the use of HTML5 transition and transform to achieve ios style easing animation.

Innovation Institute grand Cheng Shao non (winter, Innovation Institute grand researcher)
Speaker Profile: Bambook has been involved in the development, earlier work for Microsoft to develop Windows CE platform IE browser. Technical Blog is, on @ winter winter

Hot topic

  • Career development front end
  • The value of the front-end test project
  • Way front-end data monitoring and implementation
  • html5 applications in the project

Beijing station content

Before we focus too much on the system of technical knowledge, tools, automation, WPO and other technical direction, with the rise of the current promotion of HTML5 technology and mobile terminal applications market, and the other hand we have another sword , reflected in the value of technology on the show business, the value of the front-end technology more reflected in the business presentation layer, so our hands how these technologies translates into a driving force to influence or even product-driven business, how a product from scratch reflect the value of the front end of the process, which will be the focus of the current discussion salon.

The main issue we choose the online travel market as a case study, combined with the business model of online travel sites diversify rely heavily front-end technology and changing demand characteristics, invite people currently in charge of the front end of several major online travel sites to explain their respective businesses how to start the front-end line of work, the challenges often encountered, and how they affect demand for the product and design.

  • Topic of this Issue: “front-end technology & online travel driving force”
  • Salon Time: March 24, 2012 13: 30-18: 00
  • Salon Location: Jingyi Hotel • Conference Room (Dazhongsi East Road, Haidian District, No. 9)
  • Registration Address:

Share Topics Introduction

Topic 1: “High size modular front-end development.”

Summary: Multiplayer Web development scenario, complicated business logic and complex product features, UI high performance coupled challenge to front-end development team to bring, how to deal with? I will share in the project more than granulated high resolution, performance and functionality detached way, as well as organizational, technical solutions calling module with you; this solution describes the practice and experience in ChinaFace2.0 front-end development process.

ChinaFace  Jiangji Bing (front-end development person in charge)

Speaker Profile:

In those years, I (we) with the development of Yahoo home page, email, relationship;

Over the years, I (we) jointly toss Taobao, Intime, ChinaFace;

I love YUI, advocating more effective coordination of front-end development

@ Ice has been set in the front end of the road 

Topic 2: “Big Taobao travel promotion”

Plot: Every year a big promotion Taobao travel, bring massive traffic spike introduced the instantaneous peak, how to use front-end technology to optimize performance, reduce server stress and ensure the accuracy of the user to grab votes, and how to deal with big promotion day various emergency situations that may arise, and how to do backup solution, one by one started.

Taobao Liang (flower Ming Shuke, Taobao travel tip Leader)

Speaker Profile: 2010 to join Taobao travel tip team, Taobao travel is responsible for front-end and the front end of new technologies to promote reconstruction in the line of travel.

Topic 3: “front-end performance optimization and development tools.”

Summary: Where most applications are heavily dependent on the network front end, the performance of an impact on the user experience a top priority. I will share some of our experience in performance tuning. Also tell us about where to go front-end development aid network group uses.

Where Lin Hao (front-end charge)

Speaker Profile: 2008 to join, responsible for front-end R & D work. Focus on the front end of base construction, performance optimization and development support tools.

Hot topic

  • How to use front-end technology-driven tourism business lines and all kinds of products design
  • Front-end architecture and performance of the search results page optimization;
  • Tip how to meet the growing demand for the rise of the mobile terminal