D2 front-end technology forum (Designer & Developer Front End Technology Forum), called D2, front-end development for domestic and web designers provide an opportunity to communicate, to share the fun of art to explore the development of the industry, the technology will be friends. It is all front-end developer Chinese festivals, including the front-end designers, front-end development engineers, and all people interested in front-end technology. D2 will strive to create a relaxed atmosphere for the exchange of freedom, there is no commercial color, a purely technical communication as a fundamental, and jointly promote the development of the domestic front-end technology, and promote the integration of the domestic industry with the international standards, to explore more front-end technology can create value.

D2 by Taobao launched by the D2 each front-end technology forum organizing committee (hereinafter referred to as D2 Organizing Committee).

D2 front-end technology forum basic purposes:

  • Designer + Developer: Let collide around the brain, sparking more spark.
  • Never profitable: no membership fees, all borne by the organizers.
  • Based on commercial practice: without departing from daily work to help achieve better business success.
  • Open: do not put any ideas, any work, according to private, everything is more open.

D2 front-end technology forum discussions range:

  • Internet front-end technology and products: front-end technology applications, development of actual cases.
  • Development of front-end development of the industry: the direction of the development prospects of the industry, leading the development of the latest front-end direction.

The ultimate goal D2 front-end technology forum:

  • Create trade exchange platform
  • Guide and regulate the industry development
  • Effect of front-end technology development