D2 (Designer & Developer Front End Technology Forum) is a Chinese festival all front-end developers, including front-end designers, front-end development engineers, and all front-end technology for people who are interested. D2 was originally launched by Taobao, the purpose is to promote the development of the domestic front-end technology for the domestic front-end practitioners provide a free exchange, discuss learning technology platform to facilitate the integration of the domestic industry with the international standard, identify front-end technology can create greater value .

Host a D2 inevitably have some expenses, and needs the necessary media promotion. So, D2 need to seek the support of the company.

The company is also required D2. D2 is the only conference dedicated front-end development of the country, where you can access to the latest technology and creative product. By D2 may be able to resolve some long-standing problems plague, perhaps self-developed technology to become the industry standard, and perhaps also an opportunity to attract talent.